Gang of Four – 4 longtime friends are heading out on a motorcycle adventure from Vancouver, British Columbia to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina in the late summer and fall of 2012.  Profiles of these individuals follow:

The Man: Maurice James Boucher aka Space Cowboy

His Machine: 2008 BMW R1200 GS Adventure

The Man: Guy Flavelle aka The Big Easy

His Machine: 2006 BMW R1200 GS Adventure

The Big Easy’s travel will be carbon neutral, thanks to:

For more info, click here.

The Man and His Machine: Bob Matheson, aka Dogcow, with his 2008 BMW R1200 GS Adventure

The Man: Ted Palidwor aka Hector the Pup/Hog

His Machine: 2004 BMW R1150 GS Adventure

Our Inspiration: Charley Boorman (Ewan McGregor not available)

Credit for cheesy photoshop effort to: Space Cowboy (NB – But Charley Boorman is real here – honest!   Only Space Cowboy is shopped in.)

To learn more about Charley and Ewan’s renowned adventure tours, see: http://longwayround.com/

To learn more about the BMW R1200 GS series of motorbikes used for adventure touring, see the review located here: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/69/6816/Motorcycle-Article/2010-BMW-R1200GS-Adventure-First-Ride.aspx

The BMW “R” series is known for its distinctive “boxer” or flat engine patented in 1896 by famed German car inventor, Karl Benz.  This type of engine has the advantage of a lower centre of gravity, offering greater stability and control.  To learn more about boxer-style engines, see:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flat_engine

And for an intriguing animated schematic showing how these engines operate, see: http://www.animatedpiston.com/BMW.htm