Tools – a very good description by Marc Lewis of tools required for roadside maintenance and repair of the BMW R1200 GS is located here:  And another, by Jim VonBaden, is located here:

On-line Rider’s Manuals – for various BMW GS model and model years can be found here (under “Service” then “Rider’s Manuals”):

Maintenance – the prescribed maintenance schedule for the BMW R1200 GS is located here:

R1200GS Information Resource – a variety of useful information on R1200GS maintenance and repair procedures, including technical specifications, is located here:

GS-911 Diagnostic Tool – see:

GS-911 Information Sources_August 2012

Torque Values – for BMW R1200 GS:

TIRE STUFF – several useful resources on tires are listed below:

Tire Options – for various BMW R1200 models can be found here (under “Service” then “Tyre Options”):

Tire Construction and Wear – a short technical article on these subjects is located here:

How to Find and Fix Leaks – a short technical article on finding and fixing different kinds of leaks is located here:

Tubeless Tire Leak Repair – a useful video showing a standard method for repairing tubeless tire leaks is located here:

Replacing a faulty valve stem core:

Tire Change-out Procedures – a good video showing the procedure for a rear tire change-out is located here:

Another showing the procedure for changing out both front and back tires is located here:

Instructions explaining how to install a tube in a tubeless tire

Recommended tire-related torque values are:

Front axle – 50 NM or 37 ft-lbs

Front Caliper Bolts – 30 NM or 22 ft-lbs

Rear Wheel Bolts – 60 NM or 44 ft-lbs


Understanding the R1200 GS electrical system

Schematic Diagram of the R1200 GS electrical system:

Instructions for jump-starting the R1200 GS motorcycle:


Changing the Spark Plugs:

Changing the Engine Oil (video):

Instructions on How To Access the Air Filter

Changing the Front Brake Pads (video in Spanish):

Servicing the Final Drive (video):

Rescuing a Water-logged Engine:

International BCAA-type Service_August 2012