Link to Google Maps:

The following is a link to the Perry-Castaneda Library (PCL) Map Collection at the University of Texas (approx. 50,000 on-line maps from around the world):

Next is a link to the One World – Nations Online website which provides useful summary information for each country (geography, history, ethnic make-up, economy, etc.) including links to some smaller scale maps:

Country & State Maps – below are links to smaller-scale (quick download) online maps for specific regions and countries along our route.  Note that maps for individual cities in these countries can normally be found below the country maps listed at the PCL map collection site – see:

Washington State:

Other US States:

Latin America:


Mexico – State & City maps:

Central America & Caribbean (political & relief maps):


Guatamala (political & relief maps):

El Salvador: t


Honduras City Maps:

Nicaragua (political & relief maps):

Costa Rica (political & relief maps):

Panama (political & relief maps):

Colombia (political & relief maps):


Peru (political, relief & administraive division maps):

Bolivia (political, relief & administraive division maps):

Chile (political, relief & administraive division maps):

Argentina (political, relief plus Tierra del Fuego & Buenos Aires):

Uruguay (political & relief maps):

Brazil (political & relief maps):