Waiting for a mission.

“Cartagena. Shite. We are still only in Cartagena”.

We are Martin Sheen in the opening scene of Apocalypse Now (click here to view). Except we are not in Saigon. We are restless adventurers waiting for our motorcycles to arrive in Bogota to recommence our mission. Cartagena is a wonderful beach resort city on the northern coast of Colombia and we have been here for three days and will be here for two more, as flights to Bogota are full. We stayed in the historic Old Town for the first two nights, all four sharing a room hostel style. Yesterday we moved to the newer beach area for a change of scenery, and are debating where to spend our last night tomorrow. Cartagena is very lively with a population of 1 million, but we have seen everything we want to see and are anxious to get back on the road. We have all named our motorcycles, and mine is La Poderosa (The Powerful One), after Che Guevara’s 500 cc Norton. If things go according to plan we will pick up Starship Unity, Strider, Sting and La Poderosa in Bogota on Wednesday, four days from now. We rode 6,411 kms from home to Key West during the first 10 days, but have recorded only 339 kms over the past 8 days while the bikes have been serviced and shipped. While I am looking forward to seeing Bogota, I mostly just want to ride.


Key West was very cool. I definitely want to return. Our hotel, Eden House, was funky and friendly and we met many nice people. There was a Harley rally going on while we were in town with 20,000 hogs roaming the streets. Even though we were on BMW’s, bikers just generally get along and many were very interested in our travels. I liked the Keys a lot and am glad we made the effort to head down there.

The Gang in Key West

GO4 in Eden House pool with Wingman (centre)

Hog Heaven in Key West

South Beach, Miami

All is going well and according to plan. And for now, we wait ….

Lo siento, pero me tengo que ir. – Dogcow, aka Che Bob Marley Matheson.


3 comments on “Waiting for a mission.

  1. TBE says:

    Great post, Dogcow…good to see that the Gang members have finally named their bikes! – TBS

  2. Lady of the Mountains says:

    Watched the clip-I hope you get your bike soon so you can stop dancing around in your underwear.
    Be patient grasshopper, it is all part of the journey.

  3. Robin says:

    Hey Gang of 4 (and mostly Bob because that’s who I know) sounds like you are having a blast What a trip of a lifetime.

    FYI to the biker with La Poderosa. There is no N in Poderosa. Poder is the word power.

    Just sayin 🙂


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