Blog Post #1: Gang of Four Completes Dry Run and Gear Check

On Friday, July 27th the Gang of Four headed out on a dry run in preparation for their upcoming expedition to South America.  The team travelled “loaded for adventure” with full camping and riding gear, riding through heavy rains in the Coast Mountains to arrive four hours later at Space Cowboy’s gorgeous new lakeside property at Summerland in the Okanagan.  There they enjoyed a scrumptious black rice curry dinner prepared by the lovely Lady of the Lake, Sarah Boucher.  The weekend trip provided some valuable learnings for the group, including:

– “Say, these $800 technical riding jackets ain’t half bad!  I’m warm and cozy even though it’s raining like cats and dogs and I’m traveling through a winding mountain pass at 110 kph in awfully cool weather.”

– “Oh man, I’ve got way too much stuff.  I need to get rid of some of these clothes!”

– “Cripes, how do we dig out a 600 lb. motorbike buried in the sand up to its bash plate?!”

– “Hey! This modern camping gear is pretty cool!  Everything from an unusually-shaped UV water purifier to a skookum camp stove that runs on gasoline, to an electric camp light and sundry electrical charging sockets including Powerlet, auto cigarette plug, and USB.  Got to keep moving with the times, I suppose!”

All members of the team arrived safely home in the Lower Mainland with Hector the Pup and Dogcow returning together via the famous-for-motorcyclists North Cascade route in Washington State and Space Cowboy and The Big Easy returning separately on their own schedules, which in TBE’s case allowed for visits with some other good friends in nearby Penticton.

September 4th is approaching fast – Tierra del Fuego or bust!

Gang of Four

Hector the Pup at Space Cowboy’s idyllic Okanagan lakeside property in Summerland, BC

The Big Easy loaded for adventure and sporting his UNICEF hoodie – the same kind as Ewan McGregor wore in Long Way Round!  How cool is that?!


4 comments on “Blog Post #1: Gang of Four Completes Dry Run and Gear Check

  1. Stephen Tidball says:

    Hope all is well. Looking forward to the. Next update.



  2. Penman says:

    Hey BEBP Is that a motorcycle or a camel????

    • go4south says:

      Largely keeping up, Skaha, but these guys impressed the hell out of me coming up out of Pendleton this morning…demanding turns, taken at speed, requiring heavy lean, while glare from the early morning sun impaired our vision. I’m much improved but still have a way to go! Need to put more trust in the machine, in the tires, and in myself. – TBEBP

  3. dogcow4 says:

    Are you effeminate? You were probably traveling at 130 kph. Just guessing.

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