Departure Day Nears (Hector’s thoughts)

Wow! Can’t believe this is my last weekend here before leaving. The preparation has been Hector hectic. Trying to juggle my day job, jobs around the house, jobs for others, shopping for all our necessaties, and meetings with friends and family have really made time fly by. There have been many details to discuss and decisions to be made even right up to this last weekend. Hundreds of emails between the Gang of Four have been used to discuss these details. One would have thought that all would be in place at this point but it doesn’t seem so. This type of prep work has stressed me somewhat and has taken some of the fun out of going. I’m still needing to get my head wrapped around the idea that the time has actually come. It’s like my head has not yet accepted the reality that lays before me. The endless and wonderful support I’ve received from family and friends makes it even more difficult to point that bike south. It’s time to stop worrying about whether or not the bike will run well or crash and time to get into more of a ”this will be a fun trip” mode. I need to get relaxed like in this old photo of me in Canon Beach – Hector the Pup



6 comments on “Departure Day Nears (Hector’s thoughts)

  1. go4south says:

    Fine painting in the pointillist style I see, Hector – nicely done! – TBE

  2. Suzanne Boyd says:

    A year ago today Ashley and headed out from southern France on our Camino journey – it took us 32 days to walk 800 kms and you guys almost rode that in one day!
    Now, with your first day on the road behind you, let the dreams begin! All the best!

  3. macclaidan says:

    thanks Suzanne, wish you were here! We need some female riders! Already way too much testosterone! ha, ha, ha…never a dull moment with the gang from Ms Wong’s grade 3 class. Space Cowboy

  4. Hope the wind infused you with the sense of adventure that you are all about to become a part of. Cheers to the living and riding of day one.

  5. Suzanne Boyd says:

    Safe travels to you all! I will follow your progress with great interest.

    • go4south says:

      Thanks, Suzanne – we made it to Pendleton, Oregon today – 662 kms. Going to Hamley’s for dinner…our favourite restaurants around these parts. Cheers! – The Big Easy

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